✏ Take Action Now

Today is the day you take a step forward. No more “letting” things happen in your life . . . it’s time to take control and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Take control of your future and let today be the day you begin your courageous effort to lead!


Passivity is the enemy . . .

Personal change is an active process. Take the first steps now to act and be bold.

Let’s get all of the excuses out there. If you need to, make a list. Write down every excuse that you can think of. We tend to always focus on why we “can’t”, so this shouldn’t be too challenging.

  • I’ve got too much on my plate right now
  • It’s not the right time
  • I’m not ready for change
  • I’m afraid of what I might be getting myself into
  • I don’t think I will be successful

All done? Now, it’s time to change your mindset. Ask yourself one simple question:


Today is the day that you have the clarity and courage to listen to that inner voice that wants to break out of its shell, to change your mentality from a follower to a leader. Build the confidence to overcome that self-doubt. Develop a “no barriers” mindset and face your fears head-on.  It only takes one step forward to begin.

Here are the 5 things you are going to do today to prepare for action:

  1. Write down your action plan, and include your “why” and purpose.

Writing down what you are going to do versus just saying it is the game changer. The next step is put those words into actionable phrases. How are you going to reach the objectives you identify, step by step? NOTE: This can only be done once you establish your “why” and your “purpose”.

Your “why” will give your life clarity and purpose — and as a result, it will shape who you are. You will clearly know what you want out of life. When you know your perspective about life, you can achieve amazing things. This will be the foundation of your growth as you climb the ladder to success. To find your why, dig deep and reach for a high level of self-awareness. What are your strengths? What can you contribute? What are your core principles that make you unique?


  1. Find somebody to hold you accountable.

Find a mentor! Find somebody who believes in you as much, if not more, than you do in yourself. Success cannot be obtained without the willingness of others to contribute their passion, and empower others to feel inspired and motivated to be the best they can.

Where do you find a mentor? If they aren’t right in front of you, then do your research and find the person who is where you want to be. Thanks to social media, most of us have a friend, or friend of a friend, who can make the introduction and get the process started. The process is up to you.  If you are willing to do the work, and have the passion to drive you, your mentor will be the difference in building yourself in an efficient and successful manner.

There is a catch here. If you find that person and you get the motivation and inspiration you need, it is your responsibility to pay it forward!


  1. Set realistic goals and establish a workable timeframe for each.

Now that you have an action plan and you understand and believe in your “why” and purpose statements, the next step is to set realistic goals for yourself and establish a timeframe for each. For example, based on the profession you are in, what skills do you need to sharpen to be at the top of your game? Do you understand the value proposition (what specific benefits you offer that bring value) for your product and company? Do you have a firm grip on the competitive landscape?

Answer these questions and begin to establish each of your goals. Research, read, and navigate the influential thought leaders in your profession (people whose opinions are valued). Via social media, talk with your mentor(s) and/or expand your knowledge of the market.To the right of the column with your goals, put a firm deadline to hold yourself accountable on achieving each and hold to it. Don’t give up, stay the course.


  1. Align your values with your actions.

Make sure that your core foundation is built upon integrity, character, courage, inspiration and gratitude. If you are built in this fashion, then your actions will reflect it in everything you do. These are the traits that define the best leaders, because they consistently show others their belief in them, and in turn, empower them to succeed.

Without values, your leadership will be meaningless. It will be hollow, uneventful and even worse, those whom you lead will gain nothing from you.


  1. Spend more time developing YOU.

Most important, don’t ever stop developing you. Success is a journey, not a destination. Your advancement is also a journey; there is no end. The most important investment you can make in your success is in YOU. 

Self-development means creating successful habits, employing patience, growing your professional circle and building your confidence every day.


Inspire action by painting a vision of what success looks like to you. Let this be your alarm clock to tell you it’s time to wake up and change the world. Become a visionary and eliminate passivity as an excuse. The world is yours — make a difference!


Humbled to lead,

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