Discover the Leader Within


 At times funny, at times serious, but always on point, Victor will challenge you to look at things in a way you never have before.


Victor has an exceptional ability to help others find the inner confidence to think big, and then put those ideas into action.


Leadership, Character and Ability – Victor breaks down what you really need to know to take charge and grow from within.


No hype or hokey formulas here – just refreshing honesty and genuine enthusiasm to fuel your journey to venture, lead and prosper.

About Victor

Funny, serious, thoughtful and hard-charging, Victor is a certified (perhaps certifiable?) softball junky, devoted to friends and family. He’s also a successful businessman with 27 years of business experience (17 years with two Fortune 500 companies), known for his strong business acumen and respected by peers across the nation. He has a colorful professional history that spans from Texas to LA and back to Texas again, and is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BA in Communications and a minor in Psychology. He’s also a Certified John Maxwell Team speaker, coach and trainer.

Why Charge Up?

A Chance to Honor

I decided to take on this venture for a few reasons. Writing and speaking are strengths I was blessed to have –  I got that from my father. At first, I didn’t know how I wanted to honor him following his recent departure from this world. Golf tournaments, scholarships and donations all seemed so temporary and impersonal. I was searching for something to keep his spirit alive each and every day. More importantly, I wanted to leave a written legacy of the lessons, attitudes, thoughts, opinions, acts, and generosity that he taught to me. What better way to honor him than hopefully inspiring others, or at least making them think a little deeper or differently? 


A Chance to Inspire

I’m not here to change the world. I’m not here to make anyone a millionaire overnight. I’m not here to teach you some pre-packaged “secrets of success”. What I am here for is to inspire you to take a moment and realize you are good enough, right now. To realize that regardless of social status, financial status, gender, age, religious affiliation – you can make a difference.


A Chance to Lead

Charge Up is a pay-it-forward concept. Encourage others to assist. Encourage others to find their passion. Network to build your idea. Find the good in people. Don’t be a follower. When it comes to paying it forward, be a leader.


Unlike business pursuits, there can never be enough leaders in the pursuit of giving. Make a difference. Honor somebody. Live life to the fullest.

I will make you proud dad, this is for you . . .

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