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Leadership is a privilege. Successful leaders view their role as an honor given to them by their employees, and their employees want to work for them because they’re great leaders — not because they are in a position of authority. The most common reason we follow a leader is because of who they are; they are the ones who have inspired or empowered us, they have a sense of purpose – and it’s our sense of purpose that keeps us solid. They have been given “permission to lead” and they take that responsibility very seriously. It is that atmosphere of collaboration and continuity that drives the team to success. To not allow ego into the equation takes a tremendous amount of humility and self-confidence. Outstanding leaders know that their integrity, character and passion will define their legacy and earn them respect.

Here are a few principles that define those that “Lead by Permission”:

  • Be a leader, not a boss
  • They have a humble disposition, they don’t ever believe that success is inevitable
  • They solicit feedback knowing it will make them better
  • They encourage the team to take initiative and collaborate
  • They celebrate others’ accomplishments over their own
  • They practice patience, have self-control and have more gratitude than most
  • They have clear perspective
  • They are self-aware, they look at the whole picture and both sides of the issue
  • They are empathetic
  • They boost productivity by delivering an honest message that brings the team together to accomplish a common objective
  • They are committed to creating an environment where people love to work
  • They have a desire to play a key role in empowering others and trust them to make decisions
  • They know how to diffuse difficult situations with grace and empathy
  • They listen more, and listen without interruption, objections, or defensiveness
  • They are clear with their expectations
  • They consistently solicit the sound advice and wisdom of others


The decision on how to lead is entirely up to you. Finding the balance between achieving your goals and creating a positive environment of integrity, character and collaborative effort can mean the difference in success or futility. Understanding that you won’t reach the summit without a team of experts is critical when determining why you need to be a leader, and not a boss.

Be humbled to lead . . .


Humbled to lead,

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