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I was recently asked by one of our followers on Charge Up if I could “define leadership in 30 seconds.” Being such a broad concept, it was a great opportunity for me to put pen to paper and see if my definition actually matches my actions.

As a result, I found this exercise to be extremely beneficial in reminding myself of what my “why” and purpose is. After 25 years in a leadership role, the words may change a bit, but my core principles will never waiver. For me, they are integrity, character and honesty.

I not only responded, but also created a podcast around this same topic because I think it’s a great exercise for a leadership role, young or old.


First and foremost, LEADERSHIP IS A PRIVILEGE. It’s an opportunity to inspire and empower others who are willing to invest in their goals and help them to push past the barriers, so they can find their purpose, courage and passion.

It’s about integrity, and never allowing yourself to waiver from that foundation of honesty, respect and trust.

It’s also about failure, and finding the lessons within each barrier to discover a different path and create a new mindset to achieve your goals.

Leadership is a never-ending journey. It is a destination that you are always trying to reach but find a unique joy in the ride.


Put pen to paper and write what comes from your heart — not what you think the definition should be, but what you sincerely believe and either aspire to or already communicate as a leader.  As stated above, if you are a leader with a few years under your belt, it’s a great tool to ensure you’re still focused on what’s important.

Leadership in and of itself takes a tremendous amount of effort, but if you have the passion for it and the gift to help others achieve their goals, it is one of the most rewarding roles you will ever play.

Put the time and energy into it now and just be patient. Never stop growing and make sure your decisions are always based on your core values You are building your legacy . . . do it with pride.


Humbled to lead,

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Victor Pisano✏ Leadership in 30 Seconds

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