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Weekly Calendar –

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Goals for the week –

Everything seems to be in order, and I am prepared to tackle the week ahead. I’ve put the time in to ensure I am organized and efficient. My lists are specific and ranked by priority; this is going to be a great week.

Wait, let me change my To-Do List to add deadline dates. I should probably add in more time for traffic on my appointment schedule. Are five goals too many for the week? Maybe I should list three? Oh, and I’m going to add my personal commitments to my weekly calendar.


“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

– Tim Ferriss

Too often we focus so much on the preparation that we waste precious time that could be devoted to attacking the tasks and being productive in a much more simplified manner. In other words, getting organized has made us less productive. We are always getting ready to get ready.

There are hundreds of planners on the market today that are designed and marketed to make our lives more efficient so we can accomplish more.  They have an area for our projects, our goals, a quote to motivate us, habit tracking, a journal, wins for the week, lessons learned for the week, milestones, gratitude lists, and even online support! Do you really need or use those areas? Are you using the kind of planner that works for you?


My weekly preparation begins each Sunday evening, a ritual I’ve had for years. First, I prepare my calendar for the week. I look at the meetings planned, and on a notepad, write down exactly what I need to prepare for each meeting at least a day in advance.

I add any weekly reports and note any requirements that may necessitate time and outside resources from other departments. At this point, I list the items that I would like to accomplish, by priority, in a simple list. I combine my list to the notes and just like that, and I have a master project agenda. It takes about 30-45 minutes, but when I start my week on Monday, I begin with confidence and a plan.

In some cases, if I require resources to aid me in preparation, I send those emails out to various departments on Sunday evening outlining my specific needs and the ideal date to receive them.

However, I still see others in their “planners” constantly tweaking this and that and trying to make it something it isn’t. They don’t need the habit-tracking section, so they write notes in that area. The lessons learned for the week – not a chance: phone numbers and addresses fill that box.  They spend $100 on a planner that doesn’t serve a purpose!

Does your system work for you, or are you working for it? Could it be better? If so, how? You have the ability to create your own planner that fits your needs.

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”

– Coco Chanel

We all have our systems, don’t let the lure of a custom leather binder with the promise of helping you optimize your day and making you happier detour you from what already works. Preparation and planning should be a simple process.

It should only require a pencil and paper. Once you feel comfortable with it, type it, print it and put it to use.

I have a separate journal I utilize, but that is not a part of my actual project agenda each week. That journal is for me to write my thoughts, ideas for self-improvement, personal goals and ambitions as well as my gratitude list. I feel much more comfortable separating the two.

My point is, don’t complicate something that is rather simple. You have the knowledge and capability to design a roadmap for your efficiencies and effectiveness. Overcomplicating it merely leads to wasting time and . . .

Time is the most valuable resource you have!



Do great things today and make a difference.


Humbled to lead,

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