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When it comes to averages, I believe they should apply only to data, not to people. Far too often, mediocrity is being celebrated. Nobody wants to put in the work and exceed expectations because it involves too much time and effort. They want to know what the average is, and work from there to set a baseline.

What does average mean?

When evaluating “average,” it is the median value in a set of data. The middle. Ordinary. Common. In school, if your grades are average, then half the class has higher grades, and half the class has lower grades. Fast-forward to your job and look at it a little differently. When you go into your manager’s office for your annual review and your overall performance is “average”, do you think management will be motivated to consider you for growth opportunities or even a raise?

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s talk about the law of averages fallout that’s concerning:

–    In a recent study of 24 – 54 year-olds on the subject of donating your time or money, 61% of the participants felt that when you give something, you should receive something in return.

–    A recent study done via social media by the University of Colorado sampled over 10,000 people, asking them if opinions on social media influence their decision-making on relevant issues, including deduction, perception, and consequences. Instead of relying upon deductive reasoning, 43% of those questioned said that they lean toward popular opinion.

It’s frustrating me that independent thought, rational decision making, proper planning, and innovative perspective are fading away. Popular opinion and instant gratification have begun to replace some within the majority who choose to never settle for capacity within their lives as they pursue a life of fulfillment.

I am a firm believer that nobody tells you what your “average” needs to be — because you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.  It is your responsibility to set goals to exceed that average.

“Not settling is all about handing people back their invitations to the average life. Sorry, I’m going to have to decline.”

— Myleik Teele

How can you avoid the trap to be average?

Here are five ways that you can take control and live the life you deserve to live:

  1. First things first, you must change your thinking.

That means you need to take complete control of your life and start thinking for yourself. Don’t allow popular opinion to persuade you if your moral compass tells you otherwise. Build a mindset that becomes impermeable to outside influence, and instead creates confident, impactful reasoning that displays character and integrity.

  1. Live a life without regrets.

Life is too short. Make an effort to act upon the things in your life that bring you happiness and make an impact on others. Regret is an entirely controllable emotion; don’t procrastinate. Too many people live a life of regret because they were never comfortable being uncomfortable or taking chances.

  1. Find your purpose.

We all have one — what is yours? Don’t expect an invitation or instructions on this one; you have to follow your heart to discover what it is that makes you tick. Identify the thing or things that allow you to be you in such a way that everyone around you becomes a better person as a result of your attitude. Learn as much as you possibly can about what the life you want to live and invest in it. Let your passion become your purpose and the word “average” will never be used when describing you.

  1. Discover perspective.

People change, circumstances change, conditions change; and so should our perspective. At times, you may become so narrowly focused that you lose perspective. You fail to identify things right in front of you because you don’t listen to reason, have productive dialogue or are just too stubborn to change. The only constant in life is change — and with change comes perspective. Embrace it and thrive.

  1. Never stop learning.

Similar to perspective, you only grow if you are willing to invest. That means to have a thirst for knowledge and expand your views as often as possible. You have infinite resources through technology to discover answers to our questions in an instant. Learn things outside your interest. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Successful people don’t establish a capacity; they are always looking to lead a more fulfilled life. Become consumed with the possibilities and the drive to never to give up growth. When you realize the opportunities above the line, you will become motivated by the fear of being average.

Go do great things today and make a difference.


Humbled to lead,

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Victor Pisano✏ Why Be Average

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