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Have you ever had a dream that you pursued with every ounce of energy, love and devotion — but you only shared it with a very small circle?

That is exactly what I have done, and it is just one of the many reasons why today is so incredibly special to me and why I am overwhelmed by excitement, gratitude and humility to announce that . . .


Charge Up is a website that I created about leadership.
Charge Up has something for everybody – from the aspiring leader to the experienced CEO.  It is the culmination of an unbelievable effort by a team that has worked tirelessly to make a positive impact through intriguing, innovative and distinctive content; content that will engage the audience in real-world leadership challenges through the website and our social media channels.

Charge Up is not about me, it’s about YOU. 
My goal is to share knowledge and experience both individually and collectively to empower, inspire and motivate you. I want to bring the process of ambition to the forefront, and help people make their passion their purpose.

I decided to take on this venture for a few reasons. Writing and speaking are strengths I was blessed to have – I got that from my father.  In my mind, Charge Up is a pay-it-forward concept.  It is to encourage people to find their passion, find the good in people, and to empower others to succeed by leading well.

Most of all, it is to remind people that leadership is a privilege, a gift, and not to ever take it for granted.

“It was the sudden death of my father in April of 2017
that inspired me to create Charge Up . . .”

I never imagined that I would have a such a dramatic moment of self-awareness on the heels of turning 50 — that would lead me to a path that has changed my life so positively. It’s proof that we are never too young or too old to follow our dreams.

I had just completed another grief-counseling appointment and something hit me. I had finally come to the realization that unless I was willing to put the effort into letting go of the tremendous grief I had in my heart and aggressively move toward the direction of gratitude for all that I did have in my life, I was going to lose my self-identity, my soul, and who I was as a person as the result of the death of a very important person in my life.

For 82 years,my father provided his family and his friends an incredible example of what people today call “servant leadership”.  He always put others first — and it wasn’t a sacrifice, it was his character. He was a man of tremendous integrity: an amazing father, friend, and leader. I learned so many valuable lessons as a result of his love, patience and willingness to listen. He was my inspiration and my role model.

I was searching for something to keep his spirit alive, but more importantly, I wanted to leave a written legacy of the lessons, attitudes, thoughts, opinions, acts and generosity that he taught me. So I decided — what better way to honor him than by inspiring others, at the very least making them think a little deeper or differently?

“Charge Up is a chance for ME to make a difference,
and create a legacy.”

I would like to sincerely thank a few people, for without their support, encouragement and belief in this project, none of this would have been even remotely possible.

My Charge Up Team:
Cordy Gonzalez – Creative Director
Andrea Frost – Writer & Strategist
Abel Garza – Photographer
JD Garza – Producer & Videographer
Lloyd Hocutt – Audio Producer

And to my father, Vic Pisano Sr., who I know is looking down filled with pride and a smile . . .
I promise to carry on your legacy and I will make you proud.

My Home Team:
Beth – Wife
Isabel – Daughter
Catherine – Daughter
Thank you for the confidence, support and love on this project – I love you!

Go do great things today and make a difference.

Venture + Lead + Prosper

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Victor Pisano✏ Leadership + Legacy + Liftoff

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