✏ True Fulfillment is a Journey

When we invest ourselves and commit to achieving our goals and dreams, it can be a long road — filled with the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. But if we stay the course and remain fearless, the gift of true fulfillment awaits. There is an undeniable satisfaction knowing that the outcome was born of the struggle to persevere, and never sacrifice our true self to being average. It’s a journey that those who are vulnerable, innovative, and willing to prove their true character by staying strong can achieve successes and discover the gifts they have to offer.

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.”

Tony Robbins

The most powerful obstacle in that journey will be your own ego. Will you base what and how you do things based on the opinions of others? Are you confident enough to stop chasing people who don’t support or appreciate you, but are the first to criticize? Most of us live right on the edge of our own capabilities, but won’t step outside that comfort zone due to insecurities. We allow those who settle for the status quo to hold us back from reaching our own potential, because they selfishly don’t want anyone to raise the bar. It’s called the comfort zone for a reason.

It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

To be fulfilled means that you’ve achieved something you desire. We all strive to live a fulfilled life; it’s the constant quest for growth, personal development and achievement that contribute to our happiness. The key is that you have to love yourself. It is the essence of confidence, being completely in control of your life and self-aware.  You have to believe in one thing – yourself.  Once you stop seeking approval from others, you become free.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

As a result, your voice of confidence becomes louder than the one in your head. You no longer allow circumstances to define who you are. You learn to overcome, because that is who you are. Through the journey, you discover an invincible you that knows you have to get comfortable with fear, because that is where the lessons live.

Each time you hit a crossroad on this journey toward fulfillment, a new character trait will expose itself. You have to be open-minded and encourage change. With ambition comes innovation. One of those strengths you will develop is discipline, and through discipline, you will get things done. It will be discipline which creates habits; a tendency to respond to the same situation in a certain way. When you face adversity, the discipline you’ve gained will come into play to determine if you are on course, or need to make adjustments.

Patience will always be your ally. Knowing that anything worth achieving takes time is the foundation. Those that don’t have patience are always looking for the finish line. What they can’t comprehend is that there isn’t a finish line; we are always climbing the mountain.  You must be not only skilled, but perseverant and consistent, because the journey is a marathon, not a sprint. And when we reach the summit, it only provides a better view to the next mountain. Instead of losing our motivation at that pinnacle, the view atop that mountain provides us with a sense of confidence to continue to the journey.

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the
happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing.”

— Andy Rooney

Dream big and never lose the excitement of the journey, because if you think about it, the journey is the destination!

Go do great things today and make a difference.


Humbled to lead,

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Victor Pisano✏ True Fulfillment is a Journey

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