✏ Be a Patient of Patience

Think about the time it takes for the sun to rise every morning. It’s not as if a switch goes off and we go from dark to light. There is a special beauty and appreciation for night approaching dawn, it is an amazing spectacle. It reminds us that time is moving forward and that change is inevitable.

Did you know that It takes an average of 7-8 hours from sunrise until the sun reaches its highest point of the day?

Just like the path of the sun, leadership is no different. You have to be patient, acknowledge and appreciate the rise, trust the process and not expect instant gratification. With leadership, you must set realistic and timely goals, listen, listen, listen and listen more, and never cease learning. Just like the sun will reach its peak in time, so will your efforts and experience in becoming a leader.

Success is about endurance. That endurance is the inspiration to work harder each day and commit yourself to the journey. You will acquire the skill sets if you have the right mentor, put in the critical hours each day with the right attitude and mindset, learn to work with a team, and contribute and work on your own time to improve yourself and grow as a professional. You must be willing to sacrifice the short game.

The road to leadership is long; what are you willing to invest if you want the outcome to be success? Do you realize how many other people want it just as much as you? Leadership is an internal quality, not an external one. You must first learn to lead from within if you have any desire to grow. Being patient will provide you the time to find your passion through the process of doing. You will invest in yourself to build the confidence necessary to have others not simply follow you, but rather to join you out of respect and trust — two traits that are earned with time and experience.

The challenge will be to give without expectation. That’s where sacrifice comes in. Are you willing to give without any guarantee of success? If so, what you will find is that your persistence and courage will make an impact. Your commitment and passion will serve as your compass.  Your loyalty and contribution will be rewarded.

The majority of successful leaders are not able to tell you about “the moment” they became a leader, however, they will tell you about the journey and sacrifice it took to become one. That is the beauty of leadership — you must trust the process and be willing to invest day in and day out. The rewards of patience will far outweigh the time it took to get there.  Enjoy the journey . . .

“At the moment that everything goes dark, the sunset in front of us becomes the whole story. But if we find courage enough to wait until tomorrow morning, we will suddenly come to understand that in reality yesterday’s sunset was only half the of the story.”

– Carig D. Lounsbrough


Humbled to lead,

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Victor Pisano✏ Be a Patient of Patience

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