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Imagine life as a game of baseball.

Picture the beautifully maintained green lawn, the smooth infield sand, and the perfectly chalked lines. As a fan, you take in this panoramic view of the baseball diamond and all of your stresses magically disappear. For the players, the ground they will battle is pristine and inspiring. As they cross the lines of the infield, they find themselves lost in the moment.

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.”

Yogi Berra

There is a saying in sports that once you enter the field of play, and cross the line from the everyday world into the game, you leave all your worries behind and play for the love of the game. This is how the most successful athletes create a trigger for their mindset to kick in. Once they step on that field, they are in their world, and there are no distractions.

Baseball would be called a “finite” experience.

“Finite” is defined as having boundaries and can measured.

Now, let’s discover a world of “infinite” experiences.

“Infinite” is defined as something limitless or impossible to measure. There are no restrictions. Those that believe in this are the ones that tend to  “think outside the box.”

“To define yourself is to limit yourself. Without labels, you remain the infinite being.”

— Deepak Chopra

It is within this “infinite thinking” that breakthrough and innovation occur.  Without a set of standards defining the boundaries of our imagination, the possibilities are limitless. We have the opportunity to defy all odds by pushing the envelope and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. It is within this space where leaders thrive, and their creativity and passion stand out because they feel completely free.

It is easy to fall into the trap of living through policy and procedure manuals, protocols, flow charts, and traditional thinking – we all do it. However, as old as the saying goes, and it is so true – “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”

Sometimes, the only way you will set yourself apart as a leader is to kick the barriers down and starting asking “why.” You know you are on your way to something as soon as you hear the response, “That’s just how we’ve always done it.” That reply is your starting gun to be the one willing to take the extra step and jump off the cliff.

There are no finish lines in life or business. We can always improve on something. There are opportunities all around us that don’t even involve critical thinking, just an awareness that they exist. Be open-minded and see everything in front of you so that you can explore and discover. Bring your teams into the discussions and teach them to go beyond expectations into a world where work becomes a passion.

It is time to tear the walls down around you, and refuse to constrict yourself by a set of standards that society has arbitrarily developed and placed to enforce conformity. Don’t live finitely; step out of that space because you will not learn toughness in a comfortable environment.The only way you will grow is through a mindset of infinity, where innovation and breakthroughs are limitless, and you are in complete control.

That is the life that you were meant to live. That is where complete fulfillment comes from, an expanding world of discovery and imagination where there is no finish line, but rather a never-ending realm of possibility. 

This is you, an idealist who can make an impact and do incredible things.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be only afraid of standing still.”

— Chinese Proverb

Go do great things today and make a difference.


Humbled to lead,

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