✏ Attention: Class of 2020

Not just the class of 2020, but the class act of 2020 . . .

I want you to know something: the Class of 2020 will always be remembered. And not just for the closure of schools and spring seasons across the country for this senior class, but for the way you responded to adversity and yet still discovered the path toward success. Learning to face difficult moments in life is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn. Your perseverance to stay grounded and carry that bond as teammates through virtual discussions, workout assignments, and social media challenges set the bar that no other class has ever experienced.

You have proven that you, the seniors of 2020, are the epitome of perseverance, belief, grit and dedication. You didn’t stop until they made you stop. And even at that point, you’re still together, as one team, until the end.

Seniors, you inspire me. It broke my heart to see and hear the reactions from players, coaches, and families. But what drew my attention immediately, was the outpouring of praise, affirmation, and the celebration of your spirit and positivity.

The class of 2020 will be our reminder of sacrifice, unfinished goals, and an unfortunate ending. But more importantly, you will be the class of perspective. The one that for years to come can be used as an example of living in the moment, understanding that the most important time is now, and not ever taking anything for granted.

Your actions spoke louder than your words. It was the intangibles that you displayed that every coach strives to teach. You see, the goal of sports is to create student-athletes that will leave high school with lessons and examples of how to face adversity and see it as opportunity. That is the class of 2020. You will achieve great things.

You have taught all ages the reality of perspective, seniors. You are a testament that the sport you play does not define you, but instead, your character, integrity, commitment and pure love for the game is what will carry you through life on a path toward success. We didn’t celebrate one champion this season; we celebrated many. All of you seniors are true champions and have learned lessons of gratitude and team spirit that no other class before you have ever experienced.

Moving forward, coaches will refer to your class as the one that may have been denied their final chapter, but they were also the ones that formed the strongest bond as a result of the shared emotions and allowed the circumstances and their actions to finish the story.

You are the class of 2020. Hold your heads up high — you are a champion.


Humbled to lead,

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Victor Pisano✏ Attention: Class of 2020

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