✏ Change: Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

It’s 1856, and I need to find out the address for an event tomorrow night. Bad news — it would take the rider from Pony Express about 10-12 days to deliver that information via a letter from St. Joseph, Missouri,  to me here in San Antonio, Texas.

Fast forward to 2018. I need to find out the address for an event tomorrow night. In the time it took to type that, I had an answer.

It’s 1856, and I need to order a gift for an event tomorrow night. Bad news, it would take the Overland Mail Company approximately 24 days via stagecoach to get it from St. Joseph, Missouri, to me here in San Antonio, Texas.

Fast forward to 2018. I just ordered it on Amazon this morning; it should be here before 8:00pm tonight.

“The times they are a changing.”
– Bob Dylan

What was fiction yesterday will be fact tomorrow. That’s why it is imperative that you create a consistent mindset to not only learn to adapt to change, but find the change in your business before your competition does. The excuse “I can’t keep up…” doesn’t work anymore. You either find a way, or you will lose the game.


Change is the only thing that allows you to win in the long term, so you have to get comfortable with it. It’s a constant — even more so now than just a few years ago. Remember, the vast majority of people don’t like change, so in turn, they tend to adapt slower. If you are on your game, you’re already winning.

I remember watching “The Jetsons” in the early 1970’s and was amazed at what the future would look like. They had these TV screens that would enable them to talk to their friends live!  Hello, Facetime.

Or what about Dick Tracy, he basically invented the Apple Watch back in 1965!

Everything you need to create or adapt to change is simply a “click” away thanks to technology, so you don’t have an excuse. We live in such incredible times; we have the ability to make an impact and be the pioneer of change. It will put new demands on us and our lives, but if you learn to accept it, it can be a great ride.

Great leaders never stop changing; that is what separates them from the rest. They have:

  • Sustained a quest to out-think the competition
  • Accepted the challenge to learn as fast as the world is changing
  • Found the courage and boldness to embrace something before others

Change will require you to become more of a critical thinker. You will need to constantly find new sources of inspiration, not only in your field, but in others — because ideas are everywhere!


For those of you who despair change, though, I’ll throw you a bone.

Here are 10 things that will never change:

  1. Taking shortcuts to success doesn’t work.
  2. You will never make everybody happy.
  3. The past is the past; it’s time to move on.
  4. The need to accept things you cannot change.
  5. Patience is a necessity.
  6. Lost time cannot be recovered.
  7. Your family should come first.
  8. Certain circumstances, whether good or bad
  9. Other people. (they may eventually change themselves, but you can’t do it for them).
  10. the fact that life is not always fair, and you must deal with that.

If you are still struggling with change after reading this, I have one final piece of advice for you . . .

There’s an app for that! ☺


Humbled to lead,

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Victor Pisano✏ Change: Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

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