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Have you ever caught yourself saying, “if I only knew then what I know now…”?

What if you could do something about it?

If you are a parent, grandparent, coach, teacher or friend and you recognize certain leadership traits in a child, you have an opportunity to do three simple things right now:


All of us have the potential to lead. There is no certain age that defines when we can begin our quest to gain the skills and competencies necessary to start the journey. By reaching out to adolescents who feel the gift of leadership inside them, you have the ability to become their first mentor — because most simply don’t know how to act upon it.

“Our children are only as brilliant as we allow them to be.”

– Eric Micha’el Leventhal

When you see the unwavering passion and belief that anything is possible from a child, and they communicate excitement and vision as they discover and learn more, be humbled and accept the responsibility to steer them in the right direction.

It’s teaching them that leadership is simply when one feels compelled to achieve things by being courageous and bold. What an amazing role you can play by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and discover all life has to offer.

Good habits formed during youth make all the difference.

The world needs a new set of eyes, a big heart and an open mind filled with endless possibilities for the next generation to be the greatest that ever lived. 

“The youth are the hope of our future.”

– Jose Rizal

How can you help a child discover their potential?

  1. Be the Example – Display the traits necessary to be a successful leader in everything you do. You have the capability to play a key role in the development of their potential.  Show them what’s really important in life and not to sweat the small stuff.
  1. Show Them How to Succeed – Whether through simple exercises of goal setting, or working through a challenge, provide them the chance to witness and feel the thrill of being successful.
  1. Allow Creative Thought – Encourage them to create their own path to solutions without persuasion, even if you know they may fail. Simply encourage their passion and self-esteem and show them failing isn’t the end of the world.
  1. Emphasize the Importance of Character and Integrity – Show them the importance of never wavering on their core principles or sacrificing the right thing for the easy solution. These lessons will last a lifetime and earn them respect from the beginning.
  1. Teach Them the Importance of Teamwork –Help them understand the importance of working with others, being respectful, encouraging those around them and being a good listener.
  1. Help Them Understand How to be Bold and Courageous –It’s the willingness to step outside of their comfort zone to be innovative and create new solutions. Reward them for going beyond the norm in their thought process. Help them discover leaders who were doubted at first, but then lauded for being pioneers. Show them anything is possible.
  1. Encourage Them to Be Involved in Their Community – Help them research to find a cause or a non-profit that excites them. This will shape not only their mind, but their hearts, as well.
  1. Find Other Mentors – Don’t just stop at what you can contribute, reach out to others that may share the same interests as your future leader. The more people they are able to interact with, the better they become at communication skills and learning. I am confident that if you reached out to a friend and asked for help, they would be humbled.
  1. Read, read and read some more – The importance of reading is critical for one to understand what knowledge can provide them, along with the creativity, and critical thinking, that will unlock the door of endless possibilities.
  1. Teach Gratitude – We all need to be reminded of the importance of being grateful and that there is so much good in the world. Do not allow them to become distracted by the enemy, which is negativity. Remind them each day of the gifts they possess.

Go do big things today and make a difference . . .


Humbled to lead,

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Victor Pisano✏ Attention, Future Leaders

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