► Motivation and Inspiration: a Follow Up

Motivation and Inspiration. Victor’s previous podcast on this topic resonated so deeply that he’s created a follow up! Motivation and inspiration are two similar words, but with vastly different drivers. Learn which one is temporary, and which one is lasting — and much more — in this episode of the Power Cast from Charge Up.

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Power Cast is Charge Up’s weekly podcast, hosted by Victor PisanoYou’re invited to tune in and turn it up as Victor talks leadership, real-world style.


Victor Pisano► Motivation and Inspiration: a Follow Up
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✏ How Important Is Character?

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”
– John Wooden

Whether it is a first or last impression, your character will play a vital role in your ability to lead. In building your character — guiding by your beliefs and actions — you are in essence building your legacy.

Now, when conversations venture into this territory, some leaders tend to confuse character and reputation. But I am not talking about your reputation here — and this is the difference between the two:


We have become a hyper-judgmental generation, and over-focus on what others think about us. Whether it’s because of insecurity or a lack of self-confidence, it’s something that should have no bearing whatsoever on who you are as a person, or more importantly, as a leader.

If you confidently, consistently operate with integrity, trust and positive influence, then your character will speak for itself. And how others perceive you — your reputation — will be a result of other key traits associated with your character, some of which include:

CONFIDENCE – Your presence will define your success. Not outwardly, but the way in which you lead your team with clear initiatives, effective communication and a shared respect.

EMPATHY – By being empathetic, you are showing those around you that you understand the challenges they face. Encourage open discussion and empower others to find solutions. Your belief in your team will go a long way.

GRATITUDE – Nothing beats feeling appreciated for your efforts and willingness to go outside your comfort zone for the good of the team. It is a simple gesture, and your team needs those pats on the back…it makes them want to do more.

VALUES – What do you stand for? What will you not sacrifice? If they are exhibited every day, these values become a critical part of your character and your integrity.

COMPOSURE – Not allowing your emotions to cloud your judgement is critical in a group. By controlling our composure, we take charge of the situation, and in turn, display why we have the ability to lead.

FAILUREWithout failure, you won’t understand the joy of success. Whether it is you or your team who failed, take responsibility, find the solution and move on. Failure has led many to amazing innovation, inventions and solutions; let it serve the same purpose in you.

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
Only through experience of trial and suffering can
the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”
– Helen Keller

If you are to succeed as a leader, it is imperative that you are self-aware and recognize the skills that you need to develop.  You must live according to your values everyday…in your personal and business life.

We are all blessed with the amazing ability to control our character by simply taking a few seconds to think before we speak, react or expose our composure. 

These precious seconds are our life jackets — know how to use them.

Regardless of age or tenure, be a leader with character. I assure you that in some way, you will make a difference and impact others in your abilities and how you carry yourself.

Make a difference today.


Humbled to lead,

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Victor Pisano✏ How Important Is Character?
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